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Basic Optical Engineering Experiment
Date:Jun 1, 2018    Author:

Course No.: 012002

Course Category: major course of subject

Period/Credits: 32/2

Prerequisite: Complex Function Foundation, College Physics, Applied Optics, Physical Optics, Optical Fiber Technology, Laser Principle, Semiconductor Technology, and so on.  

Aims & Requirements:

This course is based on the basic knowledge theory system of photoelectric instrument design. From the perspective of engineering application basic training, the main contents are set up according to the basic content of optical engineering discipline, including the basic experimental skills training of optical technology foundation, photoelectric technology foundation, optical testing technology foundation and precision instrument foundation. Focusing on the basic training of engineering practice, the emphasis is to train the students' ability to operate the basic instruments and tools, to cultivate the students' ability to design their own experiments, so that the students can design a simple photoelectric test system and understand the connotation of the optical engineering subject.

Primary Coverage

Part 1: Basic experiment and training of optical engineering

Chapter 1: Introduction to optical engineering basic experiment

Introduction to optical engineering; basic experiments in optical engineering and disciplines; basic training in basic experiments and scientific research.

Chapter 2: Basic experiment of optical imaging law

Summary; outline of experimental principle; basic key points for use of light fixture; basic experiment

Chapter 3: Basic physical optics experiment

Overview; basic knowledge and skills in optical engineering experiments; error analysis in optical experiments; reference experiments

Chapter 4: Basic training for visual optical instrument measurement

Visual optical instruments for human knowledge; experimental principles; basic experiments.

Part 2: Basic experiment and training of precision instrument

Chapter 5: Structure foundation training of precision instrument

The commonly used transmission forms in the instrument structure; common support and connection in the instrument structure; common parts and devices in the instrument structure; the understanding of the typical instrument structure; the basic training of the precision instrument structure

Chapter 6: Basic experiment and training of sensor application

Overview of sensor technology; classification of sensors; static calibration and static characteristics of sensors; overview of dynamic characteristics of sensors; reference experiments.

Chapter 7: Basic experiment of automatic control technology

Open loop control and closed loop control; analysis and design of automatic control system; basic experiment.

Part 3: Photoelectric basic experiment and Application

Chapter 8: Basic experiment of optoelectronic devices

Photoelectric detection devices and thermoelectric detection devices; photoelectric effect and device characteristics; basic characteristic parameters of optoelectronic detection devices; parameters design and calculation steps of photodetectors; common light source in photoelectric detection; performance comparison and application selection of various photoelectric detection devices; reference testing

Chapter 9: The foundation of holographic optical experiment

The basic knowledge and skills of holographic optical experiments; reference experiments.

Chapter 10: Integrated training of photoelectric detection system

Overview of photoelectric detection system; comprehensive experiment of photoelectric detection system


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