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Digital Image Processing
Date:Jun 1, 2018    Author:

Course No.: 012009

Course Category: elective courses of subject

Period/Credits: 32/2

Prerequisite: Digital signal processing; Computer technology; Discrete mathematical theory; Advance Mathematics, Complex Function Foundation, Mathematical Statistics, and so on.  

Aims & Requirements: 

The whole book consists of 13 chapters. First, the characteristics and development of digital image processing and the basic knowledge of digital image are introduced. The methods and steps of image programming in the Visusl C++6.0 environment are briefly introduced. On this basis, the image enhancement, image segmentation and edge detection, image geometric transformation, frequency domain processing, and number are discussed in detail. Morphology and its application, color image processing, image feature and understanding, image coding, image restoration and so on. Finally, the application of digital image processing technology is expounded through 3 engineering examples. The mathematical foundation of image processing and the method of designing image processing program with OpenCV are given in the appendix.

Primary Coverage

Chapter1: Introduction

Basic concepts of digital image; Purpose, content and characteristics of image processing;Image engineering and related disciplines; Digital image processing system;The application of digital image processing

Chapter2: Digital image processing foundation

Image digitizing technology;Digital image type;Image file format;

Chapter3: VC++ image programming foundation

Visual C++ visual programming;Design CDibObject classes;Use the CDibObject class;CDibObject class application examples

Chapter4: Image enhancement

Gray scale transformation;Histogram modification; Image smoothing; Image sharpening; Pseudo color processing; Image enhancement example; Programming example

Chapter5: Image segmentation and edge detection

Threshold segmentation; Region based segmentation; Edge detection; Region marking and contour tracking; Watershed segmentation; Projection method and difference shadow method; Image segmentation example

Chapter6: The geometric transformation

Geometric transformation foundation; Image scaling; Image translation; Image image; Image rotation; Image complex transform; Image perspective transformation; Application example -- correction of geometric distortion


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