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Higher Optical
Date:Jun 1, 2018    Author:

Course No.: 012011

Course Category: major courses of subject

Period/Credits: 32/2

Prerequisite: College Physics, Applied Optics, Physical Optics, Optical Fiber Technology, Electromagnetic Field Theory, Laser Principle, Semiconductor Technology, and so on.  

Aims & Requirements:

"Higher optical" by "crystal optics" and "optical waveguide" two parts, among them, the "crystal optics" part about basic knowledge of the crystal, including the classification of the crystal symmetry and crystal; The concept of tensor is introduced and the linear optical properties of crystal are discussed. The external field optical effect of crystal is described and the nonlinear optical properties of crystal are discussed. Optical waveguide "section discusses plane and two kind of waveguide, optical fiber waveguide is studied by the geometrical optics method and optical properties, wave equation was employed to study the mode field distribution function of the waveguide, model equation and characteristics.

Primary Coverage

Chapter 1: fundamentals of crystallography

basic concepts of crystal; symmetry of crystal; crystal classification; coordinate transformation matrix;Problem sets 1

Chapter 2: tensor basis

basic concepts of tensor; second-order symmetric tensor and indicator surface; effect of crystal symmetry on physical properties;Problem set 2

Chapter 3: linear optical properties of crystals

light wave and light in crystal; basic equation of crystal optics; geometric representation of crystal optical properties; optical path in uniaxial crystal; optical rotation of crystal; interference of polarized light;Problem set 3

Chapter 4: external field optical effect of crystal

electro-optical effect; electro-optical device; acoustooptic effect; acoustooptic device;Problem sets 4

Chapter 5: nonlinear optical properties of crystals

nonlinear optical effects; frequency doubling and mixing; optical parametric amplification and optical parametric oscillation;Problem set 5;Next, waveguide optics;

Chapter 6: plane waveguide

reflection and transmission of light on the interface;6.2 transmission characteristics of planar waveguide; resonance equation of plane waveguide; wave theory of plane waveguide; Wave theory of symmetrical plane waveguide; wave theory of asymmetric planar waveguide; bar waveguide; coupled mode theory of plane waveguide;Problem sets 6

Chapter 7: optical fiber waveguide

basic knowledge of optical fiber; optical transmission characteristics of homogeneous refractive index fiber; wave theory of uniform refractive index fiber; mode characteristics of uniform refractive index type weak guide fiber; polarization mode of IP line of weak guide fiber with uniform refractive index; transmission characteristics of graded refractive index fiber; Wave theory of graded refractive index fiber; coupling mode theory of optical fiber waveguide;

Appendix 1: common coordinate transformation

Appendix 2: forms of electro-optical, acoustooptic and nonlinear optical coefficient matrix of crystals

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