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Materials Science of Thin Films
Date:Jun 1, 2018    Author:

Course No.: 012002

Course Category: major course of subject

Period/Credits: 32/2

Prerequisite: Complex Function Foundation, Mathematical Statistics, College Physics, Physical Optics, Electromagnetic Field Theory, Semiconductor Technology, and so on.  

Aims & Requirements: 

This course is a basic subject course for all Masters students who are engaged in film studies. It is necessary for students who want to study basic materials science, plasma basic theory, and vacuum technology. By learning this process, students can learn more about various coating technologies such as sputtering and chemical vapor deposition. And the course of the film material during the coating process. In addition, the characteristic of the properties of the film material is also an important part of this course.

Primary Coverage

Chapter 1: Materials Science Foundation

Structures; Defects in solids; Chemical bonds and energy bands; Thermodynamics of materials; Dynamics; Introduction to mechanical behavior

Chapter 2: Vacuum Science and Technology

Gas Dynamics Theory; Gas Transport and Extraction; Vacuum Pumps; Vacuum Systems

Chapter 3: Thin Film Thermal Evaporation Process

Physical and chemical properties of evaporation; film thickness uniformity and purity; thermal evaporation device; thermal evaporation process and application

Chapter 4: Basic Theory of Plasma

Plasma discharge process; plasma physics basis; reaction in plasma; physical nature of sputtering;

Chapter 5: Plasma and Ion Beam Processes for Thin Film Preparation

DC, AC and reactive sputtering processes; magnetron sputtering; plasma etching; mixing and improved physical vapor deposition

Chapter 6: Chemical Vapor Deposition

Type of Reaction; Thermodynamic Theory in CVD; Gas Transport; Growth Kinetics of Thin Films; Thermal CVD Processes; Plasma Enhanced CVD Processes

Chapter 7: Film and Surface Features

Film thickness; mechanical properties of the film; characteristics of the film and surface structure; chemical properties of the film and surface;


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