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Modern Optical Manufacturing Technology
Date:Jun 1, 2018    Author:

Course No.: 012018

Course Category: elective courses of subject

Period/Credits: 32/2

Prerequisites: Physical optics, Applied optics, Optical thin film technology, Optical Testing Technology, and so on.

Aims & Requirements:

The course is the basic disciplinary course for all students for the master degree. It is necessary for the students who want to learn optical manufacturing technology. The main objects are the students whose majors are optical engineering, also the students whose major are not optical engineering can choose it. Through the course students can get the basic training and general knowledge in optical manufacturing technology. The content contains optical materials and accessories, Basic technology, Special technology, and so on.

Primary Coverage

Chapter 1: Optical materials and accessories

optical glassoptical crystaloptical plasticsOptical Materials.

Chapter 2: Basic technology

Optical part drawing and markingForming of blank for optical partsoptical millingaccurate grindingpolishingCenter and edge grinding. 

Chapter 3: Special technology

Optical thin films technology; Vacuum acquisition and testing; physical vapor deposition technology; magnetron sputtering technology; chemical vapor deposition technology. 


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