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Modern Optical Testing Technology
Date:Jun 1, 2018    Author:

Course No.: 012044

Course Category: major course of subject

Period/Credits: 32/2

Prerequisite: College Physics, Applied Optics, Physical Optics, Optical Fiber Technology, Electromagnetic Field Theory, Laser Principle, and so on.  

Aims & Requirements: 

The research fields of modern optical testing technology include optical interference technology, optical diffraction technology, optical polarization technology, optical holography technology, optical scanning technology, optical speckle technology, moire technology, spectroscopy technology, optical fiber technology and so on. In addition to the basic optical measurement technology, this book mainly focuses on optical interference testing technology.

The book has a close combination of theory and practice, discusses the characteristics of deep system, and can be used as a postgraduate teaching material for related majors.

Primary Coverage

Chapter 1: Review of Modern Optical Testing Technology

Research areas and technical characteristics;The Current Status and Application of Modern Optical Testing Technology;The principle of selection of optical test method;The development trend of modern optical testing technology..

Chapter 2: Comprehensive test on optical bench

Summary;Alignment technology and focusing technology in measurement; Basic components of optical test equipment and their combinations;Focal length and top focus measurements.

Chapter 3: Optical material testing

Overview of Optical Glass Materials;Optical Glass Refractive Index Measurement;Optical Glass Optical Uniformity Measurement;Measurement of Stress Birefringence in Optical Glass.

Chapter 4: Basic Optical Interferometry Techniques

Analysis and Interpretation of Interference Fringes and Wave Surface Quality Evaluation;

Two Typical Interferometers; Wavefront Dislocation Interferometry;Interferogram Analysis and Wavefront Fitting;Wave aberrations and their measurement.

Chapter 5: Photoelectric Phase Measurement Technology

Static Test Techniques for Phase;Dynamic Measurement Technology of Phase

Chapter 6: Planar Component Testing Technology

Basic Measurement of Planar Components; Detection of surface aberration of planar optical components;Optical Parallelism Measurement of Planar Optics.

Chapter 7: Spherical Component Testing Technology

Spherical radius of curvature measurement;Spherical optical component surface deviation detection.

Chapter 8: Aspheric Testing Technology

Basic knowledge of aspherical surfaces;Aspherical Surface Test Method.

Chapter 9: Interference Measurement Technique

High-precision Gauge Measurement Technology;Laser Interferometry Length Measurement

Chapter 10: Moire fringe technology

Moire fringe formation principle;Moiré fringe measurement technology.

Chapter 11: Optical System Evaluation

Overview of Optical System Imaging Quality Evaluation Methods;Resolution Test;Star point test method for imaging quality evaluation;Optical Transfer Function;Interference Measurement.

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