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Optical Design Theory and Technology
Date:Jun 1, 2018    Author:

Course No.:012008

Course Category: major course of subject


PrerequisitesApplied optics, higher mathematics, linear algebra, and so on.


The basic theory and design methods of optical design are systematically discussed in "optical design". The design content of typical optical system with universal significance is introduced in order to clarify the common problems in optical design, and some examples of scientific research design are listed for reference.

Optical design can be used by teachers and students of measurement and control technology and instrument and Optoelectronic Information Engineering in higher engineering colleges, and also for engineers and technicians engaged in the research, design, manufacture and system development of optical and optoelectronic instruments.

Primary coverage

Chapter 1: Introduction

development of optical design;The specific process and steps of the optical system design;Requirements of optical instruments for optical system performance and quality;

Chapter 2: A summary of aberrations

Spherical aberration on the axis;Sinusoidal difference and comet difference;Astigmatic and surface bending (field);distortion;chromatic aberration;Wavefront aberration;

Chapter 3: Image quality evaluation and aberration tolerance of optical system

Curvilinear representation of geometric aberrations;Rayleigh judgment and center brightness;Resolving power;Point graph;Evaluation of imaging quality by optical transfer function;Other image quality evaluation methods;Aberration tolerance of optical system;

Chapter 4: Calculation of shape and dimension of optical system

Calculation of the shape and size of typical optical parts and components;The calculation of the shape and size of a typical optical system;

Chapter 5: The method of calculating the initial structure of optical system

Algebraic method (analytic method or PW method);

Chapter 6: Telescopic objective lens design

Chapter 7: Microscope objective lens design

Chapter 8: Eyepiece design

Chapter 9: Design of photographic lens

Chapter 10: Design of lighting optical system

Chapter 11: An overview of axisymmetric aspheric design

Chapter 12: Optical system of night vision instrument

Chapter 13: A brief introduction to the optical design software ZEMAX

Chapter 14: Optical mapping


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