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Dynamic Photoelectric Testing Technique
Date:May 31, 2018    Author:

Course No.: 011006

Course Category: major course of subject

Period/Credits: 32/2

Prerequisite: Photoelectric Technology Foundation, Signals and Systems, Automatic Control Principle, Digital Signal Processing, Sensor Foundation, Error Theory & Data Processing, Precision Instrument Circuit, Precision Mechanical Design, Virtual Instrument, and soon.

Aim & Requirement:

The course is the major course for all students for PhD degree in optical engineering. It is necessary for the students who want to performance some related measurement and testing for the dynamic Photoelectric signal. The main objects are the students whose majors are optical engineering, also the students whose major are not optical engineering (or other related majors. Instrument science and technology) can choose this course. Through the course students can get the systematic training and general knowledge in dynamic Photoelectric Testing Technique. In the course, the related content of dynamic Photoelectric Testing Technique contains: theory of foundations, characteristics, design principle, some application examples.

Primary Coverage

Chapter 1: Introduction

The function and significance of photoelectric dynamic testing, this technique development and its present situation, characteristics of dynamic photoelectric system, and this technique development trend.

Chapter 2: Testing technology foundation

Signal description and its classification, testing system and its properties, input and output of Test system, error and data processing, and testing and measurement.

Chapter 3: Testing system composition and its design principle

Testing system composition, information acquisition, information conversion, information display and processing, and design principles & methods of Test system

Chapter 4: Characteristics of the testing system

Static characteristics, dynamic characteristics, calibration of testing system and distortion free testing conditions.

Chapter 5–11: some application examples

Some physical quantities, such as stress, pressure, vibration, profile, velocity, temperature and attitude, can be tested through dynamic photoelectric testing technique.

Chapter 12: modern dynamic testing instrument 

Intelligent instrument, micro instrument and virtual instrument


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