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Imaging Optics
Date:May 31, 2018    Author:

Course No.: 011010

Course Category: major course of subject


Prerequisite:Photoelectric Technology Foundation, Advance Mathematics, Complex Function Foundation, Mathematical Statistics, College Physics, Applied Optics, Physical Optics, Optical Fiber Technology, Electromagnetic Field Theory, and so on.  

Aims & Requirements: 

This course is an optional course for all master's degree students. It is necessary for students who want to work on optical imaging technology in the future. Through this course, students can learn more about Optical imaging processing technology for Optoelectronics, optics, optical instruments research.

Chapter 1: Introduction
Brief History of Optical Imaging Development; Basic properties of optical imaging; Optical Imaging Applications; Development of Optical Imaging Technology

Chapter 2: Image Reception, Recording, and Display;

Overview; The structure and optical imaging properties of the eye; Visual properties of the eye; Photographic Latex; Imaging Photoelectric Detection and Display; Color Image Reception and Display; Summary

Chapter 3: Geometric Optical Imaging
Overview; Basic laws of geometrical optics; Imaging of the near-axial region of a single refraction sphere; Lens Imaging System; spherical reflector; Plane Prism System; Beam Limits in Optical Systems; Overview of aberrations; Basic Principles of Optical Instruments; Summary

Chapter 4: Fiber Imaging
Overview; Fiber optic image beam; Imaging Theory of Variable Index Fibers (Bars); Aberration of refractive index fiber (rod); Fabrication of Variable Index Fibers (Bars); Application of Variable Index Fibers (Bars); Summary

Chapter 5: Diffraction Imaging
Overview; Basic Theory of Diffraction; Fraunhofer and Philip diffraction; Fraunhofer and Pfeiffer slit diffraction; Plane diffraction grating; Fresnel diffraction; Wavefront Reconstruction Imaging (Holography); Fourier Optics; Binary Optics; Summary

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