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Modern Optical Testing Technology
Date:May 31, 2018    Author:

Course No.: 011011

Course Category: major course of subject.

Period/Credits: 32/2

Prerequisite: Applied Optics, Physical Optics, Optical Detection, Photoelectric Technology Foundation, Optical Part Technology, Digital Image Processing, Error Theory and Data Processing, and so on.

Aim & Requirement:

The course is the major course for all students for PhD degree in optical engineering. It is necessary for the students who want to performance some related optical testing. The main objects are the students whose majors are optical engineering, also the students whose major are not optical engineering can choose this course. Through the course students can get the systematic training and general knowledge in modern optical testing technology. The course content contains modern optical testing technologies based on the different theories such as interference, diffraction, holographic, optical scanning, light speckle, Moire technique, light spectrum.

Primary Coverage

Chapter 1: Introduction

Research field and its technical characteristics, present situation and application of this technology, development trend of this technology

Chapter 2: Comprehensive Detection of Optical fixture

Alignment and focus, composition and basic components of optical fixture and focal length measurement

Chapter 3: Testing of optical materials 

Measurement of refractive index, uniformity measurement and measurement of stress-induced birefringence

Chapter 4: Basic interferometric technique

Analysis of interference fringes, several interferometers, analysis of interferogram and wave aberration measurement

Chapter 5: Photoelectric phase measurement

Phase static testing technique and phase dynamic testing technique

Chapter 6: Plane element testing technique  

Basic measurement, surface deviation detection and measurement of parallelism

Chapter 7: Spherical element testing technique  

Spherical curvature radius measurement, measurement of Surface deviation of spherical Optical elements

Chapter 8: Aspheric surface Plane element testing technique  

Basic knowledge of aspherical surfaces, testing method for aspheric surfaces

Chapter 9: Length measurement technique based on interference

High-precision measuring block measurement technology, Length measurement using laser

Chapter 10: Moire fringe technique  

Moire fringe formation principle and measurement technique based on Moire fringe

Chapter 11: Evaluation on optical system   

imaging quality evaluation, resolution test, optical transfer function (OTF) and interferometry.


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