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Gao Ming
Date:May 31, 2018    Author:

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Research Profile

Prof. Gao Ming, born in 1964, Doctor, Professor, Ph.D. Supervisor. He graduated from Changchun Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics (now Changchun University of Technology) in 1987. He received his master degree in mechanical engineering from Nanjing University of Science and Technology in 2003, and PhD degree in Optics from Xidian University in 2010.

Prof. Gao has long been engaged in scientific research on optical design theory and technology, optoelectronic precision testing technology, light transmission theory and technology. The fields of research include: optoelectronic testing and optoelectronic instruments, optical design, precision instruments and machinery, laser transmission theory and technology, and optoelectronic countermeasure technology.

    Prof. Gao has has won 1 award for provincial ministerial of second prize and 3 awards of third prizes and has obtained 7 authorized patents. His team has completed the basic scientific research project of the National Science and Technology Commission for National Defense, the Weapons Foundation Project, the Weapons Basic Scientific Research Plan Project, the Shaanxi Province Scientific Research Plan Project and many other vertical research projects. More than 30 horizontal commission projects have been completed. More than 30 academic papers and two booksOptoelectronic Instrument designandoptical designwere published.

Prof. Gao is also a member of the Optoelectronics Technology Professional Committee of the Chinese Ordnance Industry Society, a member of the China Optical Society, and a review expert of the National Science and Technology Award.

Main Publications

1Gao M, Xu H, Liu J, et al. Design of diffractive-refractive dual-band co-path parfocal optical system[J]. Infrared & Laser Engineering, 2017, 46(5):518003.

2Gao M, Wang C, Liu J, et al. Design of four-channel array polarized imaging adaptive optical system[J]. Laser & Infrared, 2016.

3Ming G, Yang C, Liu J, et al. Design of dual-band shared-aperture Co-zoom optical system[J]. Infrared Physics & Technology, 2014, 64(5):40-46.

4Ming G, Liu Y Q, Fei W, et al. Spread and Wander Characteristics of Polarized and Partially Coherent Laser Beam Propagated in Turbulent Atmosphere[J]. Guangzi Xuebao/acta Photonica Sinica, 2014, 43(10).


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