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Wang Wei
Date:May 31, 2018    Author:



Department of Mechanical Engineering,School of Engineering and Physical Sciences,

Heriot-Watt University,Edinburgh, EH14 4AS, United Kingdom

Adjunct Professor,Xi’an Technological University

Email: w.wang@hw.ac.uk

Academic Qualifications

Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, UK

· Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice, July 2009

The University of Electro-Communications, Tokyo, Japan

· Ph. D. inOptics (Summa Cum Laude), March2006

· Exchange Studies Program:Japanese University Studies in Science & Technology, 2000

University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei, P. R. China

· D. Sc. inPhysics, December 2001

· B. Sc. inPhysics, July 1997

Research Interests

· Optical Information Processing (Holography, Frequency Analysis and Coherence Synthesis)

· Optical Metrology (Interferometry, Profilometry and Speckle Metrology)

· Statistical Optics (Speckle Statistics and Optical Coherence Theory)

· Image Processing (Fringe Analysis, 3DSpatial and Spectral Imaging and Signal Recovery)

· Image System (Design and Evaluation of 3D Optical Systems)

Professional Membership

· TheInternational Optical Engineering Society (SPIE)· The Optical Society of America (OSA)

· The Japan Society of Applied Physics (JSAP)

· The Higher Education Academy (HEA)

Awards and Honors

· Biography listed in “Who's Who in Science andEngineering”, 11th Edition,2011.· Fellowof Higher Education Academy (HEA), 2009.

· Biography listed in “Who's Who in the World ”, 27th Edition, 2010.

· The Optics and Photonics Japan Best Presentation Award from The Optical Society of Japan,


· The Best Optical Science Paper Award from The Japan Society of Applied Physics, (The

highest research award from the Optical Society of Japan),2007.

· Best Ph. D Thesis Award, University of Electro-Communications,2006.

· JSPS Fellowship, awarded by Japan Society for the Promotion of Science 2003-2006.

· Japanese Government (MONBUKAGAKUSHO) Scholarship, awarded by the Japanese

Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, 2002.

· Qiushi Scholarship, awarded by Qiushi Scienceand Technology Foundation, Hongkong, 2001.

· IET Scholarship, awarded by International Engineering Technology Foundation, USA, 2000.

· AIEJ Scholarship, awarded by the Association of International Education, Japan, 1999.

· Di’ao Scholarship, awarded by Diao Corporation, China, 1998.

· Excellent Student Leadship, awarded by University of Science and Technology of China,


Professional Service


· Optics Express

· OpticsLetters

· Journal of Optical Society of America A

· Journal of Optical Society of America B

· Applied Optics

· Optics Communications

· Optical Review

· Opticsand Lasers in Engineering

· Strain

Publications and Patents

Books andBook Chapters

1. Wei Wang,Steen G. Hanson, and Mitsuo Takeda, “Optical Vortex Metrology,” in Advancesin

Speckle Metrology and Related Techniques, G. Kaufmann Edt. 207-238, Wiley-VCH Verlag

GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim (2011).

2. Mitsuo Takeda,Wei Wang, and Dinesh G. Naik, “Coherence holography: Principle and

Applications,” inOptical Imaging and Metrologywith Selected Topics, W. Osten and N.

Reingand Edt. Wiley VCH Verlag GmbH (2012).

Selected Journal Articles from 50 Journal Papers and 110 Conference Papers

1. Ying Wang, Yang Yang, Siqing He, and Wei Wang, “Dynamic evolution of vortex solitions

for coupled Bose-Einstein condensates in harmonic potential trap,” AIP Advances 7,

105209:1-6 (October 2017).

2. Ying Wang, Wei Wang, and Shuyu Zhou, “Solitons in one-dimensional Bose-Einstein

condensate with higher-order interactions,” Communications in Theoretical Physics, 68,

623-626 (2017).

3. Siqing He, Shifeng Li, Ying Wang, and Wei Wang, “Dynamic evolution of vortex solitons in

two-component Bose-Einstein condensates,” Journal of Applied Physical Science

International, 8(4), 168-172, (2017).

4. Chunmei Zhang, Fuyong Yue, Dandan Wen, Zhengren Zhang, Wei Wang and Xianzhong

Chen, “Multichannel Metasurface for Simultaneoous Controlof Holograms and Twisted Light

Beams,”ACS Phononics, 2017,4, 1906-1912 (August 2017).

5. Dandan Wen, Fuyong Yue, Chunmei Zhang, Xiaofei Zang, Huigang Liu, Wei Wang and

Xianzhong Chen, “Plasmonic metafurface for optical rotation,” Applied Physics Letter, 111,

023102:1-5 (July 2017)

6. Fuyong Yue, Xiaofei Zang, Dandan Wen, Zile Li, Chunmei Zhang, Huigang Liu, Brian D.

Gerardot, Wei Wang, Guoxing Zheng and Xianzhong Chen, “Geometric phase generated

optical illusion,”Scientific Report, 7, 11440 (2017).

7. Fuyong Yue, Dandan Wen, Chunmei Zhang, Brian D. Gerardot, Wei Wang, Shuang Zhang

and Xianzhong Chen, “Multichannel polarization-controllable superpositions of orbital

angular momentum states,” Advanced Materials, 1603838, 1-8 (16 February 2017).

8. Ning Ma, Steen G. Hanson and Wei Wang, “Modulation of electromagnetic fields by a

depolarizer of random polarizerarray,”Optics Letter49(1), 1917-1920 (2016).

9. Ning Ma, Steen G. Hanson, Mitsuo Takeda and Wei Wang, “Coherence and polarization of

polarization speckle generated by a rough-surfaced retardation plate depolarizer,” Journal of

Optical Society of America A32(12), 2346-2352 (2015).

10. Shun Zhang, Yi Yang, Steen G. Hanson, Mitsuo Takeda, and Wei Wang, “Statistics of the

derivatives of complex signal derived from Riesz transform and its application to

pseudo-Stokes vector correlation for speckle displacement measurement,” Applied Optics

54(28), 8561-8565 (2015).

11. Juan Zhao and Wei Wang, “Experimental study of spatial coherence diffraction based on

full-field coherence visualization,” Journal of Optical Society of America A 31(10),

2217-2222 (17 September 2014).

12. Mitsuo Takeda, Wei Wang, Dinesh N. Naik, and Rakesh K. Singh, “Spatial statistical optics

and spatial correlation holography: A review,” Optical Review 21(6), 849-861 (December


13. Wei Wang, Shun Zhang and Ning Ma, “Correlation properties of the vector signal

representation for speckle pattern,” Applied Optics53(10), 147-152 (2014).


1. Mitsuo Takeda, Wei Wang, Tomoaki Yokozeki, Reika Ishijima, and Yu Qiao, “Displacement detection method, displacement detection device, displacement detection program, characteristic point matching method, and characteristic point matching program,” International Patent Application, No.: PCT/JP2007/051095 (2007.1.24). 

2. Mitsuo Takeda, Wei Wang, Nobuo Ishii, and Yoko Miyamoto, “Small displacement measurement method and instrument,” International Patent Application, No.: PCT/JP2005/ 007683 (2005.4.22). 


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