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Pan Yongqiang
Date:May 31, 2018    Author:

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Research Profile

Dor. Pan, male, born in 1974, professor, master tutor. In 1998, graduated from Xi 'an Technological University with a bachelor's degree in engineering. In 2004, received a master's degree in optical engineering from Xidian University.From July 2005 to June 2006, engaged in one-year visiting research work at the university of Sydney, Australia.In 2009, received a doctor of science degree in optics from Xidian University.

The research fields include thin film and plasma technology, scattering characteristics of optical thin films and optical detection technology. Won one special prize of university-level science and technology award, one first prize of provincial and ministerial science and technology progress award, one second prize of shaanxi provincial patentone first prize and one third prize of shaanxi university science and technology award respectivelyone third prize of shaanxi province natural science excellent thesis, and one special prize of school-level teaching achievement. He has published more than 70 academic papers on teaching and research in academic journals and international conferences at home and abroad. Two of them were published in Thin Solid Films, a well-known foreign journal, and one was published in Diamond and Related Materials, Infrared Physics & Technology, Vacuum and Applied Surface Science. Among them, more than 40 are included in EI and 8 are included in SCI. Presided over and participated in more than 20 research projects, edited and translated two books, and wrote two textbooks. Two authorized invention patents and two utility model patents. He is a member of China vacuum society, Senior member of China optical society.

Selected Publications

1) Yang Chen ,Pan Yongqiang.Light Scattering Properties of Three Layers Broadband Anti-Reflective Films[J].Optics & optoelectronic technology, 2018,(16)01,11-15

2) Pan Yongqiang,Chen Jia,Design and fabrication of microstructure narrowband filter[J].Journal of Applied optics,2017,(38)01,78-82

3) Pan Yongqiang,Chen Jia,Anti-scattering properties of optical thin film[J].Infrared and laser engineering,2016,(45)01,151-155

4) Gong lei,Pan Yongqiang,et al.Composite Light Scattering Properties Between Slightly Rough Optical Surface and Multi-Body Particles[J].Chinese Journal of laser,2016,(43)12,001-008

5) Pan Yongqiang,Tian Ailing,et al.Polarized light scattering of single titanium dioxide thin film[J].Infrared and laser engineering,2015,(44)10,3015-3019



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