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Gao Aihua
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Prof.Gao Aihua, female, born in March 1967, professor and master tutor.  In June 1988, she graduated from Huazhong University of Science and Technology with a bachelor's degree in detection technology and instrument. In January 2005, she received a master's degree in computer technology from Nanjing University of Science and Technology. From July 1988 to May 1997, she worked on the development and research of a distributed control system at the DCS branch of Xi'an Instrument Factory. From March to April 1993, she studied at Yokogawa Electric Corporation in Singapore. Since June 1997, she has taught at the Institute of Optoelectronic Engineering of Xi’an University of Technology and is mainly engaged in teaching and scientific research.

Teaching work and personnel training:

Prof.Gao has long been engaged in teaching work for undergraduates and postgraduates. She has taught undergraduate courses “Photoelectric Signal Detection”, “Principles and Technology of Optoelectronic Devices”, “Photovoltaic Devices and Photoelectric Imaging”, and lectured on “Higher Optoelectronic Experiments” for graduate students, "Photoelectric Signal Detection and Processing Technology."  She guides the graduate students about "Instrument Science and Technology", "Optical Engineering" and other disciplines,  graduate students have received more than 20 degrees.

Scientific research fields and academic achievements:

Prof. Gao has long been engaged in scientific research on photoelectric detection and signal processing, automatic measurement and control technologies, and image processing technologies. Prof. Gao has obtained a number of research achievements in scientific research work. She has won 2 awards of first prize for science and technology of Shaanxi universities, 2 awards of 1st prize and 2nd prize for Xi’an scientific and technological achievements, and 1 award of third prize for national defense technology of invention and has obtained 8 authorized patents.

In recent years, she has been responsible for the completion of provincial and ministerial-level projects and horizontal commissioned projects for more than 10 projects. She has long devoted herself to the measurement technology of optical components with low loss parameters. Some scientific research results have been transformed into productivity, and a number of units have developed high performance test equipment. Major research projects completed in recent years include "High-reflector Backscatter Measuring Device", "Optical Resonator Loss Measuring Device", "Automatic Scanning High-reflector Integrated Scattering and Transmission Distribution Measuring Device", “Preparation of Liquid Source MOCVD for PZT Thin Films”, “Quantum Well Material and Characterization Test Techniques,” and “Faint Photoelectric Detection and Display Technology”.  At present, she undertakes a number of provincial and ministerial-level and horizontal research projects, and has published more than 50 academic papers and 2 undergraduate textbooks.

Selected Publications

1)Basic experiment of measurement and control technology and instrument specialty

2) Optical Engineering Basic Experiments

3Gao A ,Tian A,Zhao G,et al. Linear CCD-based size measuring device[J]. Journal of Xi'an Institute of Technology vol.23(3):189-193, 2003/03.

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12Gao A, Wang S, Yan L,et al. High-precision laser absorption rate measuring device[J]. Applied optics , Vol.37(2),303-307, 2016.


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