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Wang Hongjun
Date:May 31, 2018    Author:

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Research Profile

Wang Hongjun, male, born in 1974, Ph.D, associate professor. Main interests are scientific research and teaching in instrument science and technology and optical engineering. The research currently is focus on Precision Optical Testing. Main courses are Signal and System, Optical Design, Biomedical Photonics and Optical Measurement Theory and Technology. He graduated from Xi'an Jiaotong University, earned a master's degree in 2002 and a doctor's degree in 2010. Dr.Wang worked in the First Aircraft Design and Research Institute of Aviation Industry Corporation in 1996-1999.  

Dr.Wang presided or participated in more than 30 vertical and horizontal projects; published more than 30 papers, including more than 20 articles in SCI and EI; published 2 translations; applied for 14 national patents and obtained 10 national invention patents; 3 utility models; 2 software copyrights; 1 Shaanxi Provincial Science and Technology Award, 1 Shaanxi Provincial Science and Technology Award, and 1 Xi'an Technological University Science and Technology Award 3 times.


Selected Publications

1) Selection of Sampling Points in Two Dimensional Lateral Shearing Interferometry, ACTA PHOTONICA SINICA, 2015,vol.44 2015,p.0312002 1-6.

2) Digital Holographic Microscopy Applied to Measurement of Micro Devices, Journal of Xi’an Technological University, 2014, vol.34 2014 p.94-98.

3) Influence of TFT-LCD Pixels Structure on Holographic Encoding, Physics Procedia, 2011,vol.19 p.487-491.

4) Study on polarization properties of particle’s scattered light, International Conference on Photonics &Optical Engineering, 2015,9449(s 1-3):174-178.

5) High-precision self-adaptive phase-calibration method for wavelength-tuning interferometry, Measurement Science & Technology,2017,vol.28.

6) Effect of speed of rotated diffuser on image quality of interference fringes, Opto-Electronic Engineering,2018,vol.45 p.170492 1-6.

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