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Zhou Shun
Date:May 31, 2018    Author:

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Research Profile

Shun Zhou, was born in Jiang Su Province, China, in 1979. He received his B.A. degree in  measurement and control technology and instrumentation from Xi’an Institute of Technology,  Xi’an, China, in 2002, the M.S. degree in optical engineering from Xi’an Institute of Technology, Xi’an, China, in 2005, and the Ph.D. degree in microelectronics and solid state electronics from Xi Dian University, Xi’an, China, in December 2011.

His research interests include thin film, MOEMS, advanced manufacturing technology,research  and  development  of  the equipment involved in deposition of functional materials.

He was the winner of the second prize of Shaanxi Province  Science  and  Technology in  2010 and held 5 patents. He presided several  projects  supported  by  Education  Department  of Shaanxi Provincial Government and cooperate with enterprises. He has been to Germany six times to cooperate with local companies and universities on scientific research projects.

   He has authored and co-authored 30 journal and conference papers.

Selected Publications

1)S Zhou,Y Feng,Z Yang,B Jiang.Design and Analysis of Crystal Monochromator Trimming Structure Design.Journal of Xian Technological University,2016,(09):713-718.

2) Shun Zhou, Jiang Hu, Yufeng Zhu, Jing Nie, Jiaqiang Du. Research on deep silicon etching for micro-channel platesProceedings of SPIEthe international conference on photonics and optical engineering (ICPOE 2014)2015,9449,94493V-1~94493V-6.

3) Shun ZhouWeiguo Liu Changlong Cai,et al. Fabrication and Analysis of Micro-bridge Structure for Resistor Array Infrared Scene Projector.Journal of Xian Technological University,2012, (08):613-616.

4)Zhou Shun, Liu Weiguo, Liu Huan ,et al.Structural and electrical properties of Ti-W-N thin films deposited by reactive RF sputtering, Physics Procedia 18 (2011),66-72

5)Zhou Shun, Liu Weiguo, Cai changlong ,et al. Comparative investigation of infrared optical absorption properties of silicon oxide, oxynitride and nitride films, Proceedings of SPIE, Seventh International Conference on Thin Film Physics and applications,2011,7995, 79950T-1~79950T-4

6)Zhou Shun, Liu Weiguo, Liu Huan ,et al. TiWN resistive films in an infrared scene projector device and the array fabrication, Proceedings of SPIE,4th international symposium on photoelectronic detection and imaging, 2011, 8091, 81910T-1~81910T-6

7)Zhou Shun, Liu Weiguo, Cai Changlong ,et al. Properties comparison of plasma-deposited SiOx and SiNx films applied to supporting films in an infrared scene projector device, Proceedings of SPIE, 4th international symposium on photoelectronic detection and imaging, 2011,8091, 81910U-1~81910U-6

8)Shun ZhouWeiguo LiuHuan LiuChanglong Cai,Infrared Absorption Properties of Silicon Oxynitride Films, Acta Armamentarii, ,2011,(10):1255-1259.

9)Shun ZhouWeiguo LiuHuan LiuChanglong Cai.Internal stress in hydrogenated amorphous silicon thin films deposited by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition.Chinese Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology,2010, 30(4):341-346

10)Dabin Lin., Shun. Zhou, Weiguo. Liu and Fei. Li. Thermal stability and electric-field-induced strain behaviors for PIN-PSN-PT piezoelectric ceramics. Journal of the American Ceramic Society,2018, 101(1): 316-325.


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