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Prof. Mitsuo Takeda, from Utsunomiya University, Japan was hired as an honorary professor of Xi’an Technological University
Date:Jun 3, 2018    Author:

On 8th May, Xi’an Technological University held the appointment ceremony for Prof. Mitsuo Takeda to be an honorary professor.

The chairman of the university committee of Xi’an Technological University, Prof. weiguo Liu, the president of xi’an technological university Yapping Lei attended the ceremony.

Prof. Wei Wang, thespecial professor of Xi’an Technological University , introduced Prof. Mitsuo Takeda from education background, career, academic achievements, awards and international honors, as well as the relationship with the university.

Prof. weiguo Liu,on behalf of Xi’an Technological University, gave a welcome speech, warmly welcoming Prof. Mitsuo Takeda to join the university and thanked him for his strong support for the university's academic research. The president Lei yapping issued the letter of employment to Prof. Mitsuo Takeda.

Prof. Mitsuo Takeda , said that he thanked xi 'an university of technology for the recognition and trust in his speech, and he would do his best to promote the further development of the university in the field of optical engineering, and expressed his willingness to contribute to the development of the university's scientific research with all colleagues.

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